I Finally Jumped Into A Pile of Leaves

I Finally Jumped Into A Pile of Leaves

When I started this brand over 5 years ago, every decision that I made was with a picture of a little girl, cute and carefree as they come, each new experience a world of discovery. That little girl was always there. Sometimes in front of me, sometimes sitting on my shoulder, and sometimes hovering in the back of my mind. But the goal was that our clothing should allow children to feel great about themselves and be comfortable enough to allow them to enjoy, to feel free to experience all the world has to offer.

I grew up in a semi-tropic country. We didn't have a fall. I don't think that I ever got my chance to jump in piles of leaves like my cousins back in the states. Yet it was always something that I dreamed of doing. It looked like so much fun. When shooting this scene, I finally got my chance.

Watching these girls fall in love with our comfy velour sets and just let loose as they jumped about piles of leaves, I felt as if I was that child, finding the greatest pleasure in the simple joys of nature. 

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