Comfort Above All. It's Their Rule, Not Ours.

Comfort Above All. It's Their Rule, Not Ours.

If you've shopped for kids, you know that their number one rule is that its got to be comfortable. For those of you have super sensory kids, they are complete sticklers for that rule. And the truth is that I don't blame them. There are days that I get dresses and just with I could show up with some thing akin to PJs. That's pretty much how the story of our Softest Cotton Pants started. My friend Mushkie had a son who was super sensory. She had found a pair of soft pants and he had worn them to death. She wanted something similar along those lines but with a few changes and she wanted to know if I would consider making it for the line.

So I started at the home of our number one best-seller which is known for comfort, The Camp Skirt. I visited our fabric supplier to see what fabric they would have that could carry the shape needed for boys pants. The result was a super heavy weight cotton jersey. If you felt it, it felt like a heavy tshirt, but on it looked just like a pair of twill pants. We changed out the poplin pockets for pockets of the same fabric (got to make it soft inside also), slimmed down the legs for a nice slim fit, and voila, we were ready to try it out. We thought it was pretty good, but our customers told us it was VERY good. Since we've introduced it to the line, whenever we run out, we have customers anxiously emailing us when they will be back in stock. 

Every time a customer emails us telling us their son doesn't wear anything else, my heart sings.

It feels good to know that we hit the spot for those sensory boys. 

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